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Full-Stack Engineer from the Golden State


Growing up in Long Beach California, and being surrounded by beautiful beaches, didn’t stop me from barricading myself in my room to play video games and take apart old computers. This is where I developed my obsession with technology, and the future it promises.

Being driven by technological advancement, and eager to gain experience, I decided to build a game called Sheep Upkeep. Although, it was not very successfull, it did make one thing very clear, this was what I needed to.

I took a coding bootcamp at UCI, earning myself a certification in Full-Stack Engineering. I tend to lean more toward the backend due to the challenge it provides, as I am a problem solver and I'm always looking for my next puzzle.

In the future I would like to affect as many people as I can in a positive way with the applications I help build. I want to be apart of a group working together toward building the future, and contribute my skills and experience to help in anyway possible. Now that you know a little bit about me, reach out and tell me something about yourself!


Take a look at the experience I've gained over the years

Rogue Cloud

Software Engineer / San Juan Capistrano, CA / 2019 - Current

Initiate the automation of business processes for corporations using the Salesforce cloud platform. Develop enterprise-grade software to enhance the agility of companies in a multitude of fast-paced and highly competitive markets. Provide training to new junior engineers on programming concepts and syntax, as well as mentorship to student interns on career progression. Facilitate daily Scrum meeting to thoroughly analyze projects and discuss any blockers or issues, including troubleshooting problems and accomplishing projects on a timely manner. Coordinate directly with the Development Team in all phases of the project from deployment to current progress.


Project Management Intern / Los Angeles, CA / 2016

Rendered hands-on assistance with the facilitation of full-stack applications development. Conducted close monitoring of project progress and maintenance of workflow, while assigning tasks to developers. Actively participated in client meetings to discuss application requirements and progress


Some projects I've been a part of.


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